Tokoroa Clinical Pharmacists Service Report

The report attached below is a snapshot of the work undertaken by the clinical pharmacist in the six months following the move of the GP practices to the Tokoroa Hospital site.

A clinical pharmacist service is an advanced role working within the multi-disciplinary team, centred on case-based management of all current and potential medication treatment for individual service users. The service supports integration of pharmacist services for the patient between community pharmacy, community-based services, general practice and secondary care. This also will provide access to a higher level of pharmaceutical expertise for all members of the multidisciplinary team than may otherwise be available.

This project is a partnership project with Midlands Health Network and the Midland Community Pharmacy Group (MidCPG) for the development and implementation of the role of the Tokoroa Clinical Pharmacist. MidCPG is providing clinical oversight for this role including access to peer review, peer support and development.

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