Midlands Health Network Patient Coverage

Census population count data was recently released by Statistics New Zealand. This data presents an opportunity to estimate the patient coverage of Midlands Health Network across the Midland region. 

Analysis shows that the average estimated coverage across the region is 69.4% of the resident population. Coverage by DHB boundary appears to be split between two groups. One group, Lakes and Taranaki shows high coverage rates of 95.7% and 87.5% respectively; the other group, Tairawhiti and Waikato, have lower coverage rates of 56.8% and 63.2% respectively. 

Analysis by the nine Midlands Health Network localities shows the highest coverage rate is in the Turangi-Taupo locality at 95.7%. Splitting the Taranaki DHB in two, shows the higher coverage rate is in North Taranaki, at 93.0%, and the lower rate in South Taranaki at 76.0%. Localities within the Waikato DHB show the coverage rate ranges from 43.5% in South Waikato to 75.8% in the King Country. In Hamilton city, the coverage rate is 66.3%. In Gisborne just over half (56.8%) of the population is estimated to be enrolled with a Pinnacle practice. 

For further breakdowns and to view maps of patient coverage across the region, refer to attachments below.

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