Multidisciplinary teams

Gisborne, Taranaki, Taupo and Waikato practices can access services such as podiatry, social work, community pharmacy and dietetics simply by referring patients to the multidisciplinary team (MDT). 

MDTs are an important part of the Long Term Conditions Management Programme. They are coordinated in primary care using shared processes and pathways so patients receive appropriate, timely care.

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The following set of multidisciplinary team resources have been collated by Sport Waikato, Sport Taranaki, Podiatry, Dietitians and Social Work:

About social work

The following information has been provided by Malcolm Foster, clinical leader social work at Waikato DHB: 

Are your patients receiving the resources they need?  Social workers can check and if necessary assist them to access those resources. These could be food, accommodation, income, transport or support.

Does your patient need support in a crisis situation? This could be a new diagnosis, a recent loss, a sudden change in living circumstances.  Social workers can offer support, short-term counselling, advocacy and facilitation.

Is your patient in a risky care situation? Social workers can provide help in issues of suspected or identified abuse and neglect for older people and dependant adults, ensuring that their rights are respected and they are assisted in their journey towards living safely. 

Does your patient require advocacy or support around their long term chronic health condition? Social workers can provide advocacy and service co-ordination for clients having difficulty accessing or understanding support services. The aim is to walk alongside the patient, and work to make services more understandable and accessible, not to take over and direct or control the patient's choices.

Is your patient facing the need to make important life decisions, such as the need to accept help, or to enter supported living? Social workers can provide support and information around these critical times of change.

About dietetics

The following information has been provided by Susan Henderson at Waikato DHB:

Dietitians apply nutritional science to guide food choices, promote health and treate disease. Using current research, they plan and implement practical and effective ways to manage food and nutrition - both for individuals and groups of people. Many people with chronic or acute disease benefit from the services a dietitian offers.

Dietitians will see:

  • Patients with diabetes and cardiac problems, either individually or in groups, depending on the severity of the condition for the long term conditions management programme
  • Patients who may be malnourished due to their medical condition; these may include patients with respiratory problems, cancer, neurological conditions, dysphagia, and gastroenterology problems
  • Patients who are having problems with wound healing due to poor nutrition
  • Frail elderly patients who have problems maintaining their nutritional status
  • Children with faltering growth
  • Patients that need to be enterally fed

Obese children can be referred directly through to the Bodywise programme.

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