B4 School Checks

The B4 School Check is a free, nationwide health check for all four year olds. 

It aims to promote health and wellbeing, and identify behavioural, developmental or other health concerns that may affect the child's ability to learn at school.

The check helps ensure that children starting school are able to participate to the best of their ability, and that they receive additional support if needed.   

What does the check cover?

The B4 School Check is a health check and discussion between a nurse, the child and the parents or caregivers. The check includes:

  • general questions on the child's health and development

  • an assessment of the child's social and emotional strengths and difficulties, your child's teacher will be asked to contribute to this

  • assessing the child's hearing, vision, oral  health, height and weight

  • reviewing the child's immunisation status

  • storage of the check results in the national B4 School Check information system.

It is ideal to have your child checked when they turn four years old, so any additional support can be arranged before the child reaches school.

How can parents get their child checked?

Every district health board (DHB) offers the B4 School Check in a different way.  Your local DHB website has more information:

Use the medical centre search on this website to find the contact details for your medical centre.

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