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Tairawhiti - fees for enrolled patients

The table shows the standard consultation fee for patients of different age groups enrolled with one of the medical centres.

Medical Centre0-1213-1718-2425-4445-6465+
City Medical$0.00$12.50$18.50$18.50$18.50$18.50
De Lautour Medical$0.00$12.50$18.50$18.50$18.50$18.50
The Doctors Te Whare Hapara$0.00$12.50$18.50$18.50$18.50$18.50
Three Rivers Medical$0.00$12.50$18.50$18.50$18.50$18.50
Waikohu Health Centre$0.00$12.50$18.50$18.50$18.50$18.50

Medical centres may charge extra for:

  • Accounts not paid on the day of consultation
  • Longer consultations or additional services provided
  • Patients who are not enrolled with them (casual patients)
  • After hours consultations