ManageMyHealth in Gisborne

ManageMyHealth™ makes a good impression at The Village Clinic

Patients at Gisborne's The Village Clinic are embracing the use of technology to better manage their health needs.

Medtech's ManageMyHealth™ online patient portal, which was installed at the Midlands Health Network practice last month, lets patients view their health information 24/7 and communicate with the practice team in a secure environment.  It is accessible from any computer or device with internet access.

Jo Rogers, practice manager and nurse at The Village Clinic, says the online patient portal will allow the practice team to better monitor and manage patients' care.

"We began registering patients the day after the online patient portal was installed," says Jo.  "Some of our patients with chronic conditions immediately saw the benefits of using the tool alongside the health care already provided by our practice", she adds.

The online patient portal gives patients the freedom to manage their health needs anytime, anywhere.  They can view medical conditions, lab results, immunisation records, allergies, prescriptions and share health information as required with other health care providers.  The portal also provides online tools to improve their health, track their progress, make online appointments and email their practice team.

The online patient portal employs the same level of security as internet banking, which means that all data is encrypted to maintain the privacy of individual information.

Other Midlands Health Network practices are being encouraged to install ManageMyHealth™ as part of the network's wider strategy to improve the patient's experience of the health system and give the delivery of primary health care a more sustainable future.   

Talk to the practice nurse if you are a patient at The Village Clinic and are interested in using the online patient portal. 

Photo: Jo Rogers (practice manager and nurse) shows the online patient portal to Mike Owens (patient).

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